Weekly Menu 1/11 - 1/15


Sorry about the lack of posts last week. The space on my computer was almost completely full so we decided to move all of the photos I have on Google drive over to a separate hard drive and have them go there from now on. Yeah, that basically resulted in me restarting my computer twenty times and giving up on Sunday because not one picture had come over yet. A bunch of uninstalling and re-installing later, I have pictures for the current month to edit for blogging. That didn't end up being complete until middle of last week and prior to it working properly it was rather impossible to edit photos.

The real kicker of all of this, it didn't appear to clear up as much free space on my computer as it should have. :Sigh::

Let's get onto the food though.

Sunday: cranberry jalapeno burgers with fries 

Monday: BBQ, bacon, cheddar grilled chicken with fries and green beans 

Tuesday: gingered cranberry pork, seasoned rice, corn 

Wednesday: Grandma's beef and vegetable soup 

Thursday: grilled cheese and tomato soup 

For breakfast this week I'm having prosciutto egg cups and a pork stir fry for lunch.

The Whole30 was supposed to begin today but I am receiving another juice on Thursday so I didn't want to start only to have to stop again. The juicing will be done Monday - Wednesday of next week and then the Whole30 will start in full force.

Side note: Tom is trying the juice with me. I am SO curious to see how this is going to go.

Get your printable weekly menu here

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