Weekly Menu 2/1 - 2/5


Wow, February already. The month of flowers, chocolate, cards and if you live in a colder climate, snow.

Every couple of days I get the red exclamation mark on the weather app on my phone warning me of some pending weather event. To be honest, I'm over it. Every couple of days for the past few weeks we've either had snow, sleet, freezing rain or ice. I'm ready for spring. Unfortunately, that is still more than an month away.

But the good news is, we're finally in the month that I go on vacation. The last week of this month I'll be in sunny, warm Florida! At least it better be sunny and warm. I'm already having a hard time imagining going to theme parks wearing jeans, but I'll do my best.

Week One of the Whole 30 has gone well. As usual cheese is what I miss the most. I may or may not have opened the bag of shredded cheddar cheese just to smell it. I also drove past a McDonald's and the smell of the fries was so intense, my brain paused for a minute to debate on stopping and getting the fries. But then I reminded myself of how much better I feel when I'm doing a Whole30 as opposed to not doing one.

Speaking of which, lets move onto the menu.

Sunday: roasted poblano beef stew

Monday: bacon wrapped scallops with chile butter, baked potatoes, roasted asparagus

Tuesday: apple bacon chicken burgers with fries and asparagus

Wednesday: taco shepherd's pie 

Thursday: sausage and peppers 

For breakfast this week I'm having sweet potato turkey hash and lunch will be buffalo ranch stuffed peppers.

I'm also going to torture myself by making Valentine's Day desserts that I cannot eat for Tom to bring into his coworkers. I do have a Paleo dessert for Valentine's day planned for next week.

I'm hoping that as we get closer to Chinese New Year, it slows down at work. Most of the factories we work with are closing in the next week or two, so I'm hoping the lack of communication with them will allow to me to catch up on some other things.

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