Weekly Menu July 31 - August 4


Confession: I hoard food.

I don't even do it intentionally. It just sort of happens week after week. I'll purchase ingredients for a specific recipe and then not make it and for whatever reason it doesn't get carried over to the next week. Or I'll find something we use a lot of on sale and buy a few of them. And the next thing you know I can't fit anything else into the freezer and the pantry looks like a bomb went off.

I've set a challenge for myself to make as many meals as possible in August using only ingredients I have on hand in the fridge, freezer and pantry. If all goes well I'll get everything cleaned out and organized AND save money on the grocery bill.

The rules I've imposed on myself are simple:

1. Any recipe not making on a specified week will be carried over to the next week.
2. Any ingredient with a near expiration date will get preference over other ingredients.
3. Two cheat items are allowed per week.
4. Ingredients needed for blogging events/challenges/etc. do not count against the rules
5. Produce and dairy will be the main categories purchased weekly.

The top ingredients I chose to get rid of this week are as follows:
Fridge - opened containers of sauerkraut and Rotel, carrots, Greek yogurt
Freezer - hatch chiles, caramelized onions, pizza crust
Pantry - Velveeta, pasta
Counter - peaches, celery, potatoes

Sunday: caramelized French onion chicken with honey glazed carrots and green beans and a baked potato

Monday: cheesy kielbasa pasta, salad 

Tuesday: peach and hatch chile flat bread pizza / pepperoni pizza (for Tom)

Wednesday: cheeseburger salad, fries

Thursday: crock pot pork and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and Italian green beans 

Like usual, we'll order something on Friday.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt, protein bar 
Lunch: tuna salad with crackers, garden salad, cheese stick 

Unrelated to those ingredients, I have a TON of recipes to make for all of the blogging events I have coming up. All but one of them falls before the 20th and the weekend before that I'll be away on vacation.

The recipes I can share are ginger bourbon peach cake (or some variation of those ingredients) and chocolate zucchini muffins. Recipes you can look for in the future (for events) include lemonade, pretzel bombs and apples.

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