Weekly Menu August 7 - August 10


I'm now starting my second week of planning meals using up ingredients from the freezer, fridge or pantry.  I think the first week went pretty well. I only ended up spending $80 on groceries and the bill is usually around $150. (However, the bill always includes paper products, cat litter and wet food and some toiletry/personal items)

As I said last week, I have five rules for this challenge:

1. Any recipe not making on a specified week will be carried over to the next week.
2. Any ingredient with a near expiration date will get preference over other ingredients.
3. Two cheat items are allowed per week.
4. Ingredients needed for blogging events/challenges/etc. do not count against the rules
5. Produce and dairy will be the main categories purchased weekly.

The top ingredients I chose to get rid of this week are as follows:
Fridge - eggs, cheese
Freezer - turkey breast, sirloin steak, Texas toast, meatballs
Pantry - canned beans, coconut milk, cashews
Counter - celery

Sunday: stuffed turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green beans 

Monday: Thai cashew beef

Tuesday:  smoky pork tenderloin, baked beans, everything green beans 

Wednesday: Texas toast meatball sandwiches 

It's a short menu this week because on Thursday morning my cousin and I are driving down to the beach to spend Thursday through Sunday with my aunt and uncle. I can't wait! I know I was just on vacation the last week in June, but I miss the beach. I really need a job where I have off the whole summer so every weekend can be a weekend at the beach.

Breakfast: ham/egg/cheese breakfast sandwiches

Lunch: pork banh mi rice bowls 

Even though we're coming home on Sunday and that is my usual day to prep food, my fingers are crossed that I can plan the majority of the menu based around what I pick up at a farmers market on the way home and we can still eat from the freezer and pantry for the third week in August! 

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