Countdown to 2017: Best Dessert

You can never go wrong with dessert. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Today I’m linking up with other bloggers to share the best dessert recipes from 2016 with you.

Sarah over at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes is the brains behind all of this!

These adorable hand pies are super easy to make with just a few ingredients and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Or, use any cookie cutter shape that you’d like, but don’t forget Valentine’s day is only a little over 50 days away!


Oh.My.Chocolately.Goodness. If you like smores, you’re going to love these cookies! You can cheat and purchase store-bought cookies like I did and then just slather them with chocolate frosting and a dollop of marshmallow fluff, then roll them in crushed graham crackers. I took these to my friends party and once the kids found them, they legit disappeared in the blink of an eye.


I can’t even blame you for loving these brownies. Hot fudge always makes me feel like I’m eating something a little bit naughty, but combining it with the decadence of cheesecake and then piling all that goodness on top of a rich brownie? It’s chocolate cheesecake overload in the best way possible. If you can manage to freeze some of these, I can also tell you that when you cave and eat one half-thawed, it’s still as delicious as the first go-round.


To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t have more dessert recipes to share with you. Maybe you’re all actually doing that thing where you eat pretty healthy. I should probably try that again since I have a cruise in 70+ days!


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