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#GOMO: Go Out More Often AKA 2017 Bucket List

If I didn’t participate in an online message board or have coworkers a decade+ younger than me, I’m fairly certain I’d have no idea what new slang terms and acronyms are now being said. Okay, let’s be real. I still have to ask what exactly those mean, because apparently this […]

Cookaholic Wife is going on Vacation!

Vacation! It is finally here! My mom and Rodney go on cruises nearly every year and they had been asking us to go along with them. We tried to pull something together for 2016 but there were too many expenses and not enough time to plan, so we decided to […]

So, we bought a house…

No, that’s not a joke. So I should probably start this off by saying that throughout the course of our entire relationship, Tom and I have always been very decisive when it came to purchasing things. We picked out furniture on three separate occasions in less than an hour. We […]

Fast Metabolism Diet Thoughts, Days 15-28

Here are my daily thoughts on the final two weeks of the Fast Metabolism Diet. Day 15, January 23 –  Week 3 begins! I found compliant oat milk and Wegman’s and it’s delicious! Next week I’m going to look for cereal because I really want more of this delicious milk! […]

Fast Metabolism Diet Thoughts, Days 1-14

As a way to hold myself accountable and let others know how the Fast Metabolism Diet is on a daily basis, I thought I’d keep a log of some thoughts for each day. This will be shared with you every two weeks until I hit my goal weight. turkey avocado […]

Happy 2017!

Hi there! I feel as though I have a lot of explaining to do and I’m not really sure where to start. This blog is not and will never be political and I really don’t want to go there, but it is related to my lack of posts and since […]

Weekend in Michigan

Last Friday Tom and I got on a plane to go to Michigan for his friend Andrew’s wedding. Seeing as he flew out to Maryland for our wedding four years ago, it was only fitting we returned the favor. I’ve never been to Michigan before and aside from knowing it […]

Autumn Food Traditions for

I was recently contacted by to see if I would be interested in writing a post about my favorite autumn fall traditions. Fall is not my favorite season (simply because it is followed by winter, but I do love all the aspects of the season.) is a marketplace […]

Cookout Essentials for Man Crate

A week or so ago I was contacted by a company called Man Crates Gifts for Men who asked me if I would be interested in sharing a post about what I consider cookout essentials. Intrigued by the idea of a ‘man crate’ I headed on over to their website to […]

Ouri’s Fruit, a Juice Cleanse: A Review

I’ve had this partially typed up forever but never had a chance to actually share this with you. It’s been over a month now since I completed the juice cleanse, but I still wanted you to know how it went, especially since this was so different than my first cleanse.  […]