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#Choctoberfest: Chocolate Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

This #Choctoberfest event wouldn’t be complete unless I combined chocolate and caramel together in at least one recipe. While I love each individually, there is just something magical that happens when they pair together, especially when you use dulce de leche instead of a standard caramel. If you missed the […]

#Choctoberfest: Mocha Coconut Granola

I’m so excited to be participating in #Choctoberfest again! When I told my coworkers that I was participating in a chocolate event their eyes lit up and they immediately began asking me what types of recipes I was going to make and bring in for them. Do you think they’re […]

Welcome to #Choctoberfest!

Do you remember last October when I participated in that crazy chocolate event with a ton of other bloggers and shared way too many decadent chocolate recipes with you? Guess what? IT’S BACK! And this time #Choctoberfest is running for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Are you excited? I know I am! […]