Weekly Meal Breakdown #16


Oops, I'm a bit late on this one. We had a really busy weekend and I forgot all about blogging! Forgive me?
Since I'm already behind I'm sure you don't want to read a bunch of fluff first, so I'll just get right to it.

Monday - crab soup with french bread
leftover crab soup - $0.00
french bread $1.19
Total: $1.19

Tuesday - southwest flank steak with mexican risotto and pepper saute
flank steak $5.69
2 red peppers $2.69
2 green peppers $2.89
arborio rice $0.65
1/2 bag mexican cheese $1.00
Total: $12.92

Wednesday - BBQ chicken with garlic buttered noodles and corn
3 chicken breasts - $2.69
1/2 bottle BBQ sauce $0.75
1/2 box linguine noodles $.40
1/4 bag frozen corn $0.22 (It was on sale for $0.88!)
Total: $4.06

Thursday - shrimp fried rice
1 lb. shrimp $4.49
2 bags boil-in-a-bag rice $1.32
frozen bag of stir-fry veggies $0.88
Total: $6.69

Friday - healthy tacos
1 lb. ground beef $1.98
1 can kidney beans $0.75
1 bag mexican cheese $2.00
tortilla shells $0.65 (Can you believe that sale price?!)
sour cream $0.25
lettuce/tomato/onion $0.35
Total: $5.98

The total for meals this week is......$30.84. Damn you pepper saute taking for taking me over the $30 mark. Honestly, I don't understand why green peppers are so expensive. Its a freaking green pepper.

While at the grocery store I found out that they accept internet coupons so now I'm going to be scouring the internets for ways to make the meals even cheaper! Wish me luck!

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