Weekly Menu 8/7 - 8/10


It's a short menu this week because guess what? I'm taking a vacation!

After being annoying stressed at work since April, I finally decided to put some of my hard earned vacation days to use. I'm taking off this Thursday and Friday and Tom and I are going to the beach to stay with his parents. Sun, being on the water and relaxation! Just what I need.

I'm using up some more of my vacation days in September where at 4:30 on Thursday, September first I'll leave work and I won't go back until 7 AM on Monday, September 12th. THAT'S 11 DAYS OF NOT WORKING! Okay fine, I realize there are two weekends in there but thats besides the point.

And if I really want to be honest, I'll still be working, just in a different sense. My Accounting II class starts on 8/29 and I'll have two weeks worth of assignments to complete while I'm on vacation. I'm hoping for one cloudy or rainy day so I won't feel so bad ignoring the beach to read a New Your Times business article or to analyze financial statements.

Anyway, since we're only going to be here for a few days I decided that simple recipes for dinner were the way to go.

Sunday - It's A Surprise! You'll find out what I chose to make on Monday 8/15 at 7:00 AM for the Secret Recipe Swap reveal!

Monday - spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

Tuesday - turkey reubens

Wednesday - grilled cheese and tomato soup

I couldn't pass up baking for a weekend, so I decided to make chocolate cheesecake brownies!

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