Merry Christmas!


15 hours in the kitchen in the last two days and I finally finished cleaning and preparing everything for today around 8 PM last night. I think I'm getting rusty in the kitchen or something. No way would it have taken me this long last year. Something weird is going on here...

I also realized that I never shared the menu with you, so even though its too late too make anything for today, maybe you have a party this weekend or coming up soon and need some ideas.

deviled eggs
Hawaiian cheese ball
shrimp bruschetta
cranberry turkey meatballs

Main and Sides:
honey ham
mashed potatoes
bacon lover's mac and cheese
roasted green beans and mushrooms 
confetti corn
icebox butterhorns

peppermint brownies
cranberry pineapple minis
various cookies

sugar cookie martinis
pomegranate mimosas
red sangria

I hope you're having a great day spending it with family and friends! 

Gidget says Merry Christmas!

And Itty does as well. 

(No kitties were harmed in the taking of these pictures. Bonus: no humans were either!)


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