Weekly Menu 1/5 - 1/9


BRRRR! 2014 has definitely came in with the winter weather we haven't had in this area in a long time. It's supposed to be the worst winter we've had in a while. 5 years to be exact, because Maryland has a trend of every 5 years we get a horrendous winter.

5 days into the new year and we already have snow and ice and temperatures that make me want to pack up and move south. Permanently. It snowed Thursday evening into Friday and my venture to the grocery store yesterday proved that the side roads still aren't really clear. The salt they've put down is kind of useless since it's eyelash-freezingly cold out there. And that's not even the worst of it.

Monday we're expected to reach a high of 45 with rain all day. Except, Monday's low temperature? 4 degrees. Then Tuesday will have a whopping high of 17 and a low of 3.

My aunt and cousin are driving down next weekend to go visit my aunt who lives in Florida. (Where we stayed in April) I am seriously considering hitching a ride and not coming back until it's warm here.

I figured since it's the beginning of the new year and everyone is all "I'm going to lose weight and eat all the healthy things!" that I should be the outsider who doesn't make many changes to the menu. My breakfast and lunch are going to be healthy. Dinner, not so much.

Sunday - Maryland crab soup with bread

Monday - brown sugar meatballs, baked beans, sauteed green beans

Tuesday - waffles and fruit 

Wednesday - honey-sesame chicken over rice, sweet and spicy green beans 

Thursday - sloppy joes with garlic-chive fries 

Breakfast is fruited bran muffins and, if I can stand it after exercising, smoothies. Lunch is black bean burgers

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