Christmas Menu

Do you know what you’re making for Christmas yet? Last week I was trying to figure out what to make. Ham tends to be our go-to choice, but I wanted to do something different this year and I thought maybe a beef roast or a pork loin would be a nice change.

And I read a fellow bloggers Polish themed menu and wanted to do that too. Since Christmas is only one day, I eventually decided to do a Christmas smorgasboard of options so everyone could have what they wanted for the holiday.

Since there will only be about 8 of us, I figured if we kept the portions for everything small, everyone could have a variety of foods and there would still be leftovers.

Here’s what we’re going to have:

cream cheese Christmas tree with crackers
veggie tray
roasted kielbasa bites
mac and cheese cups

Main Dishes:
garlic roasted pork loin
roast beef with gravy
ham with cranberry dijon glaze

Side Dishes:
mashed potatoes
roasted mushrooms
maple balsamic green beans
cucumber salad

Nutella Christmas Tree

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