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Apple Cinnamon Rolls

My coworkers are huge fans of cinnamon rolls. After bringing them in once, they’ve asked me to make as many varieties and versions as I can come up with and to please bring them in on Monday mornings. Not one to disappoint, I looked through some saved recipes I had […]

Apple Cranberry Turkey Sliders

Sandwiches are a classic recipe made with leftovers from Thanksgiving. This one seems pretty basic from the list of ingredients but don’t let it make you think this is just any old boring turkey sandwich. It is so much more. Apple Cranberry Turkey SlidersSource: Cooking LightServings: 3Printer Friendly  Ingredients: 3 slider […]

Brown Sugar-Cured Turkey with Apple Bourbon Gravy

Brown sugar and apples are probably one of the most classic ingredient combinations. You can use it in tons of desserts, but the flavors also pair together really nicely with proteins such as pork, chicken and turkey. I knew I couldn’t pass up making this delicious combo and putting it […]

#handcraftededibles:Honey Lemon Apple Jam

Around this time last year the cookbook, Food in Jars, was highly recommended to me. I added it to my wishlist on Amazon and ended up getting it for Christmas. I looked through it immediately and flagged a bunch of recipes I wanted to try. And then the cookbook went […]

Apple Cider Caramels

While summer will forever be my favorite season,  I can admit to liking fall because of the influx of apples. With apples comes apple cider which is rather far up there on my list of things I absolutely love. You have pumpkin spice people and then you have me, an […]

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Apple pie was one of my first successful baking adventures. I got the idea in my head that making an apple pie from scratch couldn’t possibly be that difficult so I set out to do it. I made two batches of the dough because I was convinced one of them […]

OUAT: Regina’s Apple Turnovers

Continuing with my Once Upon A Time theme, today I’m sharing Regina’s Apple Turnover with you. Regina is the mayor of Storybrooke, but in the fairy tale world, she is the Evil Queen. She hates Snow White for a secret Snow White told as a child and Regina is determined […]

Apple Stuffed-Bacon Wrapped Pork

One of the things I really hate about not blogging a recipe right away is I tend to lose exactly what I did with that recipe. I tried googling to see where I could have found this but I can’t find an exact match on it anywhere. Which leads me […]