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PEEPS Easter Bunny Vanilla Cake

Peeps Easter Bunny Vanilla Cake is a simple made-from-scratch cake, topped with a coconut buttercream frosting and decorated with PEEPS marshmallows and Easter candies, perfect for your Easter dinner dessert table.   There’s just something about spring and Easter that lends itself to completely adorable cakes, isn’t there? Or maybe it’s […]

S’mores Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Except more than half of us (I think, don’t quote me on that or anything) skip right over that first meal of the day in exchange for a cup of coffee and wait until lunch. For years, mainly as a teenager, I […]

Cookie S’more Sandwiches

As you can probably tell by the amount of s’mores related items in my recipe index, I absolutely love the concoction of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker. You can go classic and make a regular s’more, you can add the ingredients to brownies or cakes or ice cream or just […]

What’s Baking: Smore’s Pot de Creme

Yesterday was National Smores Day. Of all the food-related holidays that exist in the world, I really do like this one quite a bit. Smores are one of my favorite desserts. In case you couldn’t tell: Smores Brownies I Smores Cookies Smores on a Stick Cinnamon Smores Bark Caramel Smores […]

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

I’d love to tell you why I made these marshmallows but then it would ruin tomorrow’s recipe. Let’s just say it’s insane. Delicious. But insane. And it will all make sense tomorrow morning at 9 am when I share Thursday’s recipe with you. But, if you’re just in the market […]

Improv Challenge: Rocky Road Ice Cream

Last month I had an idea for the Improv Challenge ingredients but silly me waited until the last minute and the recipe just did not turn out so I sadly didn’t get to participate for a month. Which left me too much time to contemplate whether this was the best […]