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Israeli Veggie Salad

Israeli Veggie Salad is a bright and colorful salad full of fresh veggies like bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes with a light olive oil and lemon dressing. It pairs perfectly with any type of protein or grain to make a complete meal. I am forever on the hunt to find […]

#handcraftededibles: Paleo Caramel Sauce

I’m back for more #handcrafted edibles! The theme for this week is Special Diets. I chose a Paleo recipe because I’m finding more and more people are interested in trying the lifestyle, but only if they know they can still have the occasional treat. Also because I find it fascinating […]

Paleo Breadless BLT

I didn’t realize it until nearly a year later, but one of the things I missed the most while keeping to a Whole30 and Paleo lifestyle was a sandwich. The first time I had ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard between two slices of bread I nearly died of happiness. […]

Paleo Triple Berry No-Bake Crisp

Last year I made a version of this recipe using peaches instead of berries. I’ve found that no matter what fruit you put with this crisp, the end result is delicious! Even if you aren’t following the Paleo lifestyle, you would have no idea that this was a Paleo-approved dessert. […]

Paleo and Vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto

If you’re a long-time reader you’ll know that risotto has always been one of my favorite dishes and the first risotto dish I mastered was of the wild mushroom variety. I know a lot of people shy away from this dish because it is often referred to a very time […]

Paleo Chocolate Pot de Creme

After making quite a few dessert recipes for Valentine’s Day that I couldn’t eat, I was more than pleased to find one that I could! This uses very few ingredients and comes together very quickly. The longest part of the recipe is allowing the mixture to chill in the refrigerator. […]

Paleo Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

Since I no longer have a predictable schedule, I really prefer to rely on my crock pot for dinners at least once a week. Since the idea of cauliflower rice just makes my brain feel like it’s in a fog, I have shied away from a lot of Asian recipes […]

Improv Challenge: Paleo Pumpkin Almond Butter Cups

I feel like I was just making my last recipe for the Improv Challenge! Time sure is flying by. The ingredients for this month are chocolate and peanut butter. I usually try to head as far as out of the box as possible when it comes to ingredients, but my […]

Paleo Peach No-Bake Crisp

My coworkers birthday was last month. She is the one who had me try out the Whole 30. We have a tradition at work where birthdays come along with a card and some type of dessert. I knew she wouldn’t indulge and eat anything like cake or ice cream, so […]