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Improv Challenge: Slow Cooker Wassail

A local winery has tasting every Sunday afternoon and last year two friends and I went a few times to try out their different wines. During one of the visits, we tasted wassail which was explained to us as a spiced red wine. The second we tasted it, everyone said […]

Strawberry Basil Sorbet Bellini

So, I’m thirty. I have now entered another decade of life. It’s kind of surreal. Since the first of April I’ve watched the days near closer and I’ve pretty much felt nothing. It’s just another number. If I don’t wake up this morning and instantly feel like an adult, I’ve […]

Honey Whiskey Apple Cider

I spent many a year hanging out in a friends basement drinking underage so by the time that my twenty-first birthday rolled around, going out to drink it bars wasn’t all that exciting. It was mainly just really expensive compared to drinking at home. By the time my twenty-fifth birthday […]

Happy Halloween! OUAT: Captain Hook’s Rum Punch

Happy Halloween! I wish you all your favorite candy bars. 🙂 Moving right on along through my Once Upon A Time party, today I’m sharing Captain Hook’s Rum Punch with you. Captain Hook is one of my favorite characters so I’m going to try really hard to keep this as […]