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Wholly Guacamole: Halloween Brain Dip & A GIVEAWAY!

As I mentioned yesterday, the nice people at Wholly Guacamole contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their new guacamole flavors. I couldn’t decide between two different recipes so I decided to share both of them with you. Yesterday’s Nacho Chicken Cups were made using the Hatch […]

General Tso’s Meatballs {Gluten-Free}

A meatball bar was probably my most genius party invention. Various types of meatballs, all on display and easily picked up with a toothpick. Granted, it took a lot longer than I expected to prepare and cook the meatballs, but it was more than worth it in the end. Everyone […]

Fresh Guacamole

It still amuses me to no end that as a child I was an extremely picky eater. I’m talking didn’t even eat spaghetti kind of picky. And all foods on the plate must not touch under any circumstances kind of picky. That, combined with my mothers inability to cook, at […]

Roasted Tomato Salsa

There was a post the other week on the message board I frequent about making salsa. Of all the recipes I’ve made, fresh salsa has never been one of them which is kind of surprising since I’ve always liked it and its not a particularly difficult recipe to make. Later […]

Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Bombs

Many moons ago my friend shared an image of these delightful little creations with me on Facebook and asked that I make them soon. I quickly looked up the recipe and saw that these little bombs of goodness are right up my alley. Bacon. Cream Cheese. Jalapeno. Really, what more […]

Cheese Plate

For years, my idea of a cheese plate consisted of cheddar cheese, a spicy cheese, pepperoni, crackers and mustard. For the most part, this is the only thing that family and friends would eat so I never thought about expanding my cheese plate variety to include fancier cheeses. Then I […]

Basil, Bacon and Heirloom Tomato Frittata

Before starting the Whole30, my co-worker suggested I look at Stalkerville.net for recipes that fit the requirements. I’ve quickly become addicted to the site, it’s kind of like Pinterest but specifically for the Paleo and Whole30 lifestyle. Since starting, I’ve checked back almost weekly to see what new additions there […]

Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

Sometimes, you just don’t want bread. I love a cheese steak as much as the next person, but in all honestly, it’s the stuff between the bread that is what I want. The bread is just an after thought. I honestly can’t even tell you if I’ve ever noticed the […]

Recipe Remake: Parmesan and Herb Chicken Tenders

Recipe Remake: I wanted to re-make this recipe because I definitely did not do it justice the first time around. I am not a fan of anything breaded or fried, so Tom was thrilled when I decided to make this recipe. I’m so glad I tried it all those years […]

Philly Cheese Steak Dip

I pin tons and tons of dip and appetizer recipes for all of these parties that I intend to have. Then the parties don’t happen and the pinned recipes just hang around taunting me every time that I log into Pinterest. Since it wouldn’t be polite to kidnap my friends […]